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Steve and Donna using their Pico system for the first time, 1994
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It was back in the early 1990's when the craft brewing industry (then called microbrewing)  was in its infancy at one of Denver's early brewpubs where Steve and Donna first met. Their interest in flavorful beer sparked a romance that led to marriage several months later. Steve was a homebrewer by the time they met and they started judging competitions together and visiting all the new breweries popping up all over Colorado. Steve quickly moved from extract brewing to a homemade brew in a bag set up to igloo coolers and ultimately to a Pico Brewing System, which is a three vessel system (not the same Pico company, currently) that he still has today. Steve read everything he could about beer and took classes whenever they were available and ultimately became a BJCP Master Beer Judge.


Steve began his career in finance and started a cable access show with some colleagues that were also beer enthusiasts called Beer Country, where he would interview head brewers at local breweries, do educational segments and tour local festivals, including The Great American Beer Festival.


Steve's career brought them to New Jersey and he continued to get involved in the home brewing culture by joining clubs in the area. He currently is a member of MASH. Throughout his time in Colorado and New Jersey he would enter various competitions and won many categories. As time went on and his career flourished, he never strayed from his love of brewing.


So here it is, 28 years since they met, and they decided to embark on a new phase of their careers as brewery owners. Steve retired and Donna continues to freelance as a graphic designer. With their combination of business skills and knowledge of the industry, and with support of family and friends they are very proud to open Ashton Brewing Company! 


We look forward to serving the Middlesex community and beyond. Our focus will be serving up flavorful, balanced beer and education on the process. 


Thank you for your patronage! Cheers!

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